Insider Threats:

The most disruptive attacks have typically come from insiders. AcquSight provides solutions that incorporate continuous behavioral analytics, multi-factor access control, and real-time network data flow analytics. 

Electro-Magnetic Pulse Protection:

AcquSight provides solutions to protect power, communications, and data processing environments from the effects of solar storms (geo-magnetic disturbances), EMP events, and directed energy pulses.

Active Spectrum Monitoring and Analysis:

With the wide spread use of wireless Internet enabled sensors and devices, constant vigilance is needed. In addition to cyber hardening the sensors, and utilizing adaptive access control for the communication paths, AcquSight provide solutions to monitor and shield against inappropriate radio frequency communications.

Facility Design and Construction:

To ensure protection against all hazards, AcquSight provides design guidance for facility construction through its teaming arrangements with blast engineering firms, architectural firms, general contractors, SCIF providers, and secure door providers.

Critical Infrastructure Protection:

AcquSight provides insight into emerging technologies to enable communities, companies and agencies to protect the infrastructure and systems necessary for their operational success.

All-Hazards Risk Analysis:

Protection begins with determining the most important assets and identifying the threats that could place those assets at risk. AcquSight provides risk analysis that evaluates a complete spectrum of potential threats.

Cyber Defense:

To protect critical assets against cyber attack by hackers or nation states, AcquSight provides guidance and solutions using unique combinations of the most advanced technologies. These technologies include cyber hardening of devices at the binary layer, adaptive access control, biometrics, encryption, DRM, dissemination control, artificial intelligence, real-time orchestration, and mobile device security solutions.

Physical Security:

To address constantly changing threats, AcquSight provides guidance and solutions to mitigate weaponized drone attacks, sniper attacks against infrastructure, and unauthorized physical access attempts.